Al B. Mouse's Abecedarium

Hey, there! I could sure use your help! 

Below you will find quick and easy ways you can help spread the word about my book Al B. Mouse's Abecedarium, now in color and digital form!

Thanks so much! You rawk!

Mick Gray, author and artist of Al B. Mouse's Abecedarium

Here are some things you can do to help spread the word about my new e-book, Al B. Mouse's Abecedarium.

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  1. Mr. Gray
    I have just begun doing movie reviews, interviews and and am about to begin to do book reviews for the website Pop Culture Madness. I would be interested in reviewing your book and even doing an author profile. I interviewed author Richard Tyler Jordan, The Polly Pepper Mysteries a couple of weeks back and the articles was well received. If you're interested in working with me to review your book please friend me on Facebook, so we can message privately. Here is the link to the Polly Pepper Article

    You can also get in tough thru contacting The Pop Culture Madness sight. There is a contact area at the web site.

    Michael Roberto

    1. Hey Michael. I couldn't find you on Facebook. Send me a friend request or private message on Facebook. Thanks!